Grosse Pointe South High School Class of 1979

Top 40 Singles of 1979
1.  "My Sharona" - The Knack
2. "Le Freak" - Chic
3.  "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" - Rod Stewart
4. "Bad Girls" - Donna Summer
5. "YMCA" - Village People
6. "Reunited" - Peaches & Herb
7.  "Ring My Bell" - Anita Ward
8. "I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor
9.  "Too Much Heaven" - Bee Gees
10.  "Hot Stuff" - Donna Summer
11.  "Sad Eyes" - Robert John
12.  "What A Fool Believes" - The Doobie Brothers
13. "Heart of Glass" - Blondie
14.  "Fire" - The Pointer Sisters
15. "Good Times" - Chic
16. "Tragedy" - Bee Gees
17.  "A Little More Love" - Olivia Newton-John
18.  "Knock On Wood" - Ami Stewart
19.  "Babe" - Styx
20. "Shake Your Body" - The Jacksons
21. "When You're in Live With A Beautiful Woman" - Dr. Hook
22. "Pop Muzik" - M
23.  "Makin' It" - David Naughton
24. "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" - Michael Jackson
25.  "Rise" - Herb Alpert
26.  "My Life" - Billy Joel
27.  "I Want You To Want Me" - Cheap Trick
28.  "I'll Never Love Like This Again" - Dionne Warwick
29. "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" - Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond
30. "We Are Family" - Sister Sledge
31.  "No More Tears" - Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer
32.  "Sail On" - Commodores
33.  "Logical Song" - Supertramp
34.  "Stumblin' In" - Suzi Quatro & Chris Norton
35.  "Chuck E's In Love" - Rickie Lee Jones
36. "Lead Me On" - Maxine Nightengale
37. "The Main Event" - Barbra Streisand
38.  "Don't Cry Out Loud" - Melissa Manchester
39. "Music Box Dancer" - Frank Mills
40. "Just When I Needed You Most" - Randy VanWarmer

Not a classmate.  Just a  Leisure Suit and a Vega.
10 Most Popular Movies of 1979
1.  Kramer vs. Karmer
2.  Star Trek: The Motion Picture
3.  The Jerk
4.  Rocky II
5.  Alien
6.  The Amityville Horror
7.  Breaking Away
8.  The China Syndrome
9.  Norma Rae
10. "10"
Top 10 Television Shows of 1979
1.  60 Minutes
2.  Three's Company
3.  That's Incredible!
4.  M*A*S*H
5.  Alice
6.  Dallas
7.  Flo
8.  The Jeffersons
9.  The Dukes of Hazard
10. One Day at a Time
1979 Fun Facts
Sports Winners of 1978-1979 School Year
World Series: (Oct. '78) - New York Yankees
H.S. Football: (11/4/78) GP South - 21 GP North - 15
Super Bowl XIV:  (Jan. '79) Pittsburgh Steelers
H.S. Basketball:(1/30/79) GP South - 54 GP North - 33
NBA: Seattle Supersonics
Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens

Top News Stories of 1978-79 School Year

September 28, 1978 - Pope John Paul I dies after just 34 days as Pope. He is succeeded by Karol Cardinal Wojtyla of Poland as John Paul II.

October 14, 1978 - GPS Class of 1979 is the first Senior Class in eight years not to win the "Best Float" award in the Homecoming Parade, and the first Senior Class in 10 years not to win any award..  The float features an 8-foot tall can of Stroh's beer and a beer mug, with the slogan "BLOW THEIR HEADS OFF!"   Vinnie Tocco is crowned Homecoming Queen.

November 18, 1978 - Followers of Jim Jones commit mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana by drinking cyanide-laced grape Kool-Aid.

January 16, 1979 - Shah leaves Iran after year of turmoil.  Revolutionary forces under Muslim leader Ayatollah Khomeini take over.

March 28, 1979 - Nuclear power plant accident at Three Mile Island.  Radiation is released.

May 3, 1979 - Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister of Great Britian.

June 14, 1979 - Pat Coyle receives diploma at Grosse Pointe South High School Class of 1979 Commencement Exercises.

1979 Economics
Dow  Jones Industrial Avg: High - 907   Low - 742
Inflation:  13.3%
Unemployment:  6.1%
Average Cost of New Home:  $71,800
Median Household Income:  $16,461
Cost of first-class stamp:   $0.15
Cost of one gallon of regular gas:  $0.86
Cost of one dozen eggs:  $0.85
Cost of one gallon of milk:  $1.62
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Who was South's principal our Senior year?
Dr. James Hoeh
Ms. Sheila Joyce
Mr. William Mogk
Mr. Don Messing

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What was the name of the GPS Yearbook?
Devil's Diary
The Tower
Pointe of Relevance
View Pointe

The GP South macot was the Blue Devil.  What was the mascot of our rival GP North?
Mirrored Ball Wizards
Disco Knights
Dancing Queen Bees

What was the name of the school's original library, used as a meeting room during our stay, located in the main hallway?
Denison Hall
Amundson Auditorium
Veterans' Hall
Cleminson Hall

Fill in the blank from our Alma Mater: "Here beside St. Clair's _______ waters...Stands our tower bold..."

Who was the Varsity football team's Head Coach?
Jon Rice
Hugh Hefner
Russ Hepner
Monte Clark

Who was the Band Director at South?
Carl Justice
Reed Russell
Rusty Trombone
Russell Reed