Grosse Pointe South High School Class of 1979

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If you know the e-mail address of any of our  "missing" classmates, please refer them to this web site by clicking on the button above. Or send us a message by clicking below and we'll contact them.
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you can see the entire class roster.
If  YOU are one of the missing classmates listed to the right, please click on the button below and give us your e-mail address:
email me
Susan Alukonis
Mary Andreou
Ayad Asker
Sara Ballantyne
Peter Barker
Patricia Beeby
Mary Helen Berg
Margaret Biggs
Kerry Bolles
Meghan Brady
David Briggs
Robert Brooks
Geoffrey Cameron
Blair Campbell
Judith Carion
Elizabeth Chapin
Sarah Collinson
Christopher Conforte
Jeffrey Crowley
Alice Cunningham
Steven Daudlin
Loralea Davis
Randall Davis
David DeFauw
Camille DeGalan
Frederick Dodge
James Donahue
Robert Donahue
Elizabeth Donovan
Julie Draper
Dan Driscoll
Thomas Durkin
Susan Eckel
Leah Ender
Gayle Fairchild
Magdi Fakhouri
Zuheir Fakhouri
John Fitzgerald
Kevin Fitzgerald
Anne Gallagher
Richard Glebocki
Elaine Glusac
David Gomley
Larry Gooch
Jason Grady
Linda Graham
Laureen Grant
Cliff Gray
Nancy Greene
Susan Greider
Christopher Greiner
Brian Griffin
Sharon Grigsby
Lawrence Gross
John Guarini
Ingrid Gunnarson
Brant Haarz
James Hamlin
Jill Hartman
Laure Hayat
Susanne Hazen
Britt Hefty
Molly Hennessy
Russell Herschelmann
Michael Howell
Peter Hutchison
Joanne Iadipaolo
Dona Imesch
Thomas Insley
Marjorie Irvin
Charles Jacobson
Walter Jacques
Susan Jaglois
Kimberly Jewell
Gillian Johnson
Robert Jones
Carey Kelly
Timothy Kelly
Rodolfo Kempke
Steven Kienle
Lisa Kline
Douglas Knott
Paul Kramer
Daniel LaFerte
James Larsen
William Lauth
Michael Levitt
Mary Lighton
Tomas Lindheim
Richard Lock
Jaime Main
Timothy Mallon
Mary Ellen Mason
Patricia Matheson
Michael McDonald
Deborah McKinley
Joanne McLaughlin
James McLeod
Karen Mecha
Klaus Meingast
James Miller
Mark Miller
Mark Minkwic
Karin Montag
John Moran
Ingrid Mosher
Mark Murray
Dana Myers
Christopher Neros
Noelle Nickeson
Ted Oldham
Michael O'Neill
Matthew Owen
Ursula Palen
Lori Palms
Kevin Palombo
Kathryn Park
Laurie Peters
Regina Piche
Amy Pollina
Jorge Posada
Gerald Puscas
Stephen Redding
John Rezanka
Gregory Ricard
Francis Robert
Michelle Roesch
Nancy Rooney
Arthur Rose
Cynthia Roselle
Laura Rushton
Blake Russell
Therese Saggau
James Salkowski
David Schaible
Nanette Scheid
Susan Schudel
Susan Scott
Elizabeth Scranton
Keith Seltzer
Michael Semaan
JoAnn Senagore
Patricia Shulec
Lisa Simonds
Amy Sloan
David Smith
Sharon Smith
Clark Souillard
Lisa Spragens
Lloyd Stephens
Catherine Sullivan
Mary Sullivan
Carl Sultzman
Janet Suminski
Mary Swan
Thomas Temrowski
Michelle Terrace
Tempe Thompson
H. Thomas Thurber
Faith Tischler
Peter Tobin
Frank Urbancic
Nicole VanAssche
David Veen
Mark Volkman
Kathleen Ward
Thomas White
Sharon Wicklund
Joseph Wierzbicki
Pamela Wilkinson
Paul Wilson
Leonard Winzer
Jocelyne Wolfe
Sharon Wooten
Joseph Wysocki
Diane Youngblood

The following people are still "missing".  If you have given us an e-mail address for someone on this list, their name still appears here because they have not responded to our efforts to contact them.
email me
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